12 year old, Pune Boy, designs Ship to remove plastic from Ocean and save Marine Life


The plight and struggle of the aquatic life, trying to survive the waste dumped into the oceans moved 12-year-old Haaziq Kazi to come up with an innovative solution to this world hazard. He designed a prototype of a ship, named ERVIS which can suck out plastic from the ocean surface. Haaziq Kazi is a high-school student from Pune, India known for his project to clean ocean from wastes (primarily plastic).

Ervis Ship

Ervis ship design screengrab as taken from tedx youtube video

The ship is essentially a large boat powered by hydrogen and renewable natural gas with various compartments and saucers surrounding it”. The saucers, float on the surface gravitate to create a whirlpool to pull the waste towards its centre. These saucers will have a central outlet which will swallow the waste and is connected via a tube to various chambers in the ship. These chambers include an oil chamber which collects waste oil. There are four more chambers which are for large, medium, small & micro waste respectively

Mulshi Pattern – Marathi Movie showing hardships faced by farmers during developmental phase

Mulshi Pattern

A stark portrayal of the hardships faced by farmers, Mulshi Pattern tackles some of the raging issues of our times. The film lays bare the deep flaws of the system which turns the farmer into a criminal and a social outcast.

Films story is based on farmers who sold off their land in Mulshi taluka during the 1990s and early 2000s, but it also holds true for other parts of the country as well.  Be it bringing to fore the haplessness of the farmers coerced into selling their lands or the path of crime their subsequent generations embark on, the film opens your eyes to the harsh realities of this developmental phase.

Mulshi Pattern Trailer

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