Marathi Movies based on Wild Life / Animals

Ajoba Movie

Ajoba MovieAjoba

Ajoba is a 2014 movie based on leopard journey. Ajoba ( leopard name ) was rescued from a well and a tracking device was fixed on his neck, before being released back into the wild. He turned out to be one adventurous cat, as he made his way to Mumbai over the Sahyadris.

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Reference: IMDB , Wikipedia

Astu MovieAstu – So BE IT

“Astu – So be It” is a 2013 feature film. The film revolves around Mr. Shastri, a retired Sanskrit professor who in due course suffers with Alzheimer’s goes missing while travelling with his daughter. During this time of missing he gets fascinated with a elephant walking on street and goes to stay with the family which owns elephant.

The movie was yet to be released into all theatres and is looking for crowd funding as of Jan 2016.


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