Open Call for Artists, Farmers and Community project Initiators by Artist Shweta Bhattad

Open Call

Artist will ask these question to collaborating farmer in reference to hints given below

1. What is your dream ?
Hint : Ask yourself and answer it, then ask collaborating farmer about his dreams.


2. What do you think about Agriculture ?

  1. As an Art with creativity
    Hint:- Multiplication of grains and filling green colours on earth reducing the heat of  environment. Every year sowing with different crops, new experience. Satisfaction of creativity, creative Art to satisfy the hunger of the globe .
  2. As an environmental science
    Hint:- Every plant acts like a machine, it cools the atmosphere, absorbs soil water and transpiration. Every plant is a sugar factory and stops soil erosion.
  3. As a commercial source of income
    Hint:- If properly managed as being managed by developed nations, it will be the potent source of money, developing the living standards in developing countries, but at the same time one should know that how much pressure of our hunger can be loaded on mother earth.
  4. As an ancient tradition
    Hint:- Whether traditional crops are beneficial or the tests of agro produces should be preserved as been done by our ancestors or to go for new genetically modified crops and bring genetic changes in human race.
  5. As a hunger laboratory for human beings & cattle
    Hint:- Seed exchange to manage hunger, most of the developed nations are fighting against obesity and developing countries fighting for calories.
  6. What do you suggest to conserve the rain water to avoid salination of water(rain water harvesting)
    Hint:- Ground water, cattle water demand, human water demand, flora-fauna(agricultural water) demand.
  7. Should there be limits on the use of ground water harvesting.
    Hint:- Water below 30 meters should be used, it is an international norm, is it been followed?


3. What do you think about scope for change in Agriculture practices ?

  • In view of scientific approaches
    Hint:- Awareness about B.T. and other genetically modified seeds. Awareness regarding use of chemicals in farm(soil, water & air). Education of germination to harvesting in terms of biological study of crops right from early school level(basic knowledge of agriculture, technically and scientifically)
  • In view of commercial approach
    Hint:- While going for commercial approach for farming we should know where to stop. Over production of agro produces can be permanent loss of soil fertility.
  • In view of ecological balance
    Hint:- When we spray insecticide or pesticide we destroy certain species of pests and insects and there-by disturb the Eco-system of the area, harming the pollination which in term diminishes the natural fruit bearing leads to monitory & financial losses.
  • In view of mineral and water requirements of crop
    Hint:- As per the requirement of minerals and water to the plants a specific management should be arranged to insure healthy crops and precautions to avoid over use of minerals and water so that contamination of soil is avoided. Periodically soil and water testing should be done.
  • In view of unconventional ways such as medicinal plants, floricultures, bee farming, silk farming etc.
    Hint:- To increase the income of the farmer and for a change in the traditional pattern of the farming, farmers can go for medicinal crops or floriculture, horticulture, bee farming etc after proper market survey.
  • In view of weather education and easy approach to farmer
    Hint:- As weather plays important role in the growth of crop it is necessary to know thoroughly the climate of the area and pattern of rain, snow, hail storm etc in order to protect crop from natural calamities. There are today many satellites which survey earth and its environment minutely round the clock, this data is available through weather websites which are of use to farmers. Detail study of the patterns by experts should be made available to farmers in simpler presentation so that farmer can easily take actions of his day to day work accordingly ( for e.g. )


4. What do you opinion about social aspect of agriculture ?

  1. A large difference in earnings of actual produces i.e. farmers & marketers (agents/touts/industries), also difference in prices of wholesale & retail markets.
    Hint:- There is a difference between wholesale and retail market prices and the producer(farmer) get less return than marketing agencies(torts/agents & industries) there should be some thumb rule to ensure proper income to person who is doing all the hard work for production.
  2. Use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides & pesticides in abundance which in turn pollutes air, water & soil.
    Hint:- There should be awareness education in use of chemicals in farm.
  3. Role of subsidies from government and whether these subsidies are for farmers or for industries. Why do governments need to give subsidy to farmer?
    Hint:- Subsidies all over the world are provided to farmers but in developing countries these subsidies are not given to farmers but to industries where agriculture equipments, fertilizers, pesticides & chemicals are produce. If government wants to give subsidies, should be given directly to farmers in cash.
  4. Should there be a environment friendly Agriculture study right from early school level ?
  5. Should there be a global forum at United Nations for betterment of farmers & Mother Earth ?

5. What do you think about Agriculture Economy ?

  1. Is it a neglected domain compared to Industries?
    Hint:- As there are so many facilities for industrial development in developing nations very less provisions are made for agricultural development and that is why agriculture economy is neglected as compared to industrial economy, secondly the policy of imports & exports are not well defined or constant which leads to the heavy losses to the farmers.
  2. Should there be free flow (migration) of laborers as the finished agro produces are imported or exported?
    Hint:- As import & export of finished products, grains and other agro produces are exported where they are produced in abundance under globalization policy why shouldn’t there be free flow of laborers(migration) so as to avail employment needy and work facility to the farmer.
  3. What should be the monitory support to the farmer against natural calamities? Is the existing system sufficient?
    Hint:- There should be proper insurance cover for all.
  4. Should there be an agency from United Nations to fix the prices of farm produce globally which will ensure proper income to the farmer in any country?
    Hint:- Economy of the crop in develop or underdeveloped countries should be studied and an agreeable cost of agro produces should be fixed so that farmers live with dignity.


6. What do you think about finished food (processed) product industry ?

  1. The Canned/Tinned food with harmful preservative adversely affecting human being & environment.
    Hint:- The quantity of preservative used in the canned food is much than the prescribed by standards hence affecting human systems adversely.
  2. The mechanization in food industry generating unemployment.
    Hint:- When huge man power in world is available the unnecessary mechanization of food industry leads to unemployment globally and in addition to that the industrial waste through mechanization pollutes the environment.
  3. Ammonia pollution at large by refrigeration of processed food products which threats ozone layer.
    Hint: – The ozone layer by ammonia released from refrigeration used for storage of finished food products leads to ultraviolet radiation causing global farming.
  4. The large difference in the cost of food due processing on raw food material.
    Hint: – Abnormal amount of profit is added to the prices of canned food as compared to the raw material which makes the food unaffordable to the poor and deprives the farmer who is real producer from getting his share.
  5. A huge quantity of food wastage after the expiry date of preserved food.
    Hint: – Fish/canned food destroyed


7. What would you suggest the hard working farmer in the developing nation to do and avoid starvation or suicide. ?
Hint: – Farmer explain his economy such as; what help they get from government/ market and what are the market surveys you do to produce agro produces. What do you think the reasons foe farmer suicide.


8. Should be there be proper planning of agro produces globally so as to stop starvations in underdeveloped countries and to avoid food wastages in developed countries(food awareness) ?
Hint:- Basic food awareness in develop countries from childhood(wastage/starving) some nations do not have land to cultivate, people have to buy food from other nations, some don’t have water and some don’t have money. Food is produced by Mother Earth and no human being should sleep empty stomach.


About Author : Shweta Bhattad is a visual artist from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India working for farmers cause as well as other rural life improvement projects through art, she can be reached through Facebook page

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