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Green Ecosystem popularly known as GES is a technological solution provider for building economical farming. We are group of farmers, engineers and social entrepreneurs having vast experiences in modern software’s, electronics and communications which is necessary to provide technological solution to achieve commercial farming. GES works on the biggest challenge in Empowering Agricultural Sector. We provide a complete solution of software and hardware and communication methodologies to help farmers price hard efforts on field.

Our Mission - Empower Farmers with Commercial Farming & Encourage usage of renewable energy

Our Expertise - We are the industry’s software and hardware specialist with vast experience in mobile, communications, embedded system, free open source software’s like Android, Linux as well as Electronics, Sensors etc. All of us are proud to belong to agricultural and rural background. We are here with mission to use our Hi-Tech expertise to help farmers bring latest and greatest technology to their farms at economical prices. Our success is driven by our commitment to help everyone who keeps interest in Agro ecosystem. We deeply understands the challenges ahead of farmers with dynamically changing environmental conditions.

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