How to download home loan provisional interest certificate for State Bank of India ( SBI )

Provisional interest certificate are required for submit the Income Tax return at the end of every financial year. If you are employeed or a businessman with any kind of loan, you need to submit the proof of how much is the loan, how much is the principal you repayed and how much is the interest you paid on the said loan, for that if you are a SBI customer you can get the provisioanl interest certificate by following ways ( NOTE: most of other banks also gives the certificate using your net banking account ).

Login to SBI website at

once logged in, click “e-Services” from top menu, like below,


from the openend page, click “Certificates”


then you will get the list of all loans you have, from this select the laon account and click “Submit” you will get the home loan provisional interest certificate opened,


below that page there is a option for “View / Download in PDF” using which you can download the provisional interest certificate which is required for file IT return.

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