Marathi Movies based on Farm Animals

Khwada Movie



Tingya is a 2008 Movie starring Sharad Goyekar as a lead actor, The movie is based on a life of a rural boy and his love and friendship with his bull. It concentrates on the hardships faced by the farmers in the state of Maharashtra, India.

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Khwada Movie


Khwada is a 2015 Movie. It’s a story about shepherds who suffer from land acquisition by the forest department and how their dreams of a settlement get shattered by different obstacles, leading them to migrate permanently.

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ranga patanga

Rangaa Patangaa

Rangaa Patangaa is a 2016 movie based on a story of a farmer and his missing bullocks. The movie has highlighted serious issue with most humorous way and conveys a larger message about how actual issues are getting sidelined in the run of commercial news.

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